Top 5 Social Networking Enabled Gadgets

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, September 2, 2009

social-networking-imageSocial Networking is the way to go these days. As people don’t have much time to interact with each other face to face they are doing it in the cyber world. Social Networking sites like  facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Linkedln are becoming more and more popular each and every day. Today, these sites are not only accessible from your home desktop computer but also from other devices that ha access to internet. Here we have listed some gadgets that are best for staying in touch with your friends, family and others.

1. Netbooks


Netbook category of laptops have been a massive hit because of its low cost, high portability and excellent battery life. A good netbook with mobile broadband connectivity can be your best companion to stay in touch with your friends.

2. iPhone


Yes! this is obviously the second best thing to have after a good portable computer. It is not only a phone but you can use it perform various other activities. Using its various apps like Twitterrific or Facebook you can keep the your status updated on the go. You can take a look at our list of top free apps which include Twitterrific and Facebook.

3. Nokia N97


I like Nokia N97 for its excellent design and hardware keyboard. Other than that it has a nice facebook app which helps you to stay always in touch with your friends.

4. iPod Touch


Like the iPhone, iPod touch also has the facebook and other apps for staying in touch with your community of friends.

5. Samsung Omnia


Samsung Omnia is my dream smartphone. There are many great apps available for Windows Mobile Devices to get connected to social networking sites.


March 23, 2010: 6:54 am

like the iphone>>>^_^

social network design
September 22, 2009: 2:26 am

Social networking has sure taken off and become a rampant bull charging through the internet. Now you can do almost anything on a social network. What I mean is you can now buy ebay items on them, you can store photos and make them public so you can have online photo sharing right on your social networking site. At one website,, you can even shop with a group of online friends in real time. It makes you think that the world is moving more and more to the online world

September 3, 2009: 1:12 am

Everywhere social networking is there

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