Toyota president to take full responsiblity for automakers deep safety woes

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Toyota chief arrives for House grilling on safety

WASHINGTON — Amid a phalanx of cameras, the president of Toyota has arrived for a congressional hearing where he is apologizing for driver fears over the safety of the automaker’s cars and trucks.

Still photographers and television cameramen recorded his every move as 53-year-old Akio Toyoda entered a jammed House committee room, initially took a seat and then stood up and took an oath to tell the truth.

Toyoda, the grandson of the Japanese company’s founder, apologized publicly for the safety problems and deaths that have been linked to unintended acceleration cases in Toyotas. The company has recalled 8.5 million vehicles worldwide.

Toyoda says his company focused too much at times on expanding its sales in the United States at the expense of quality and safety.


mark benz
February 24, 2010: 3:48 pm

I am not a politician, but I am an American, and a Toyota owner. Form my understanding the whole problem is that people are looking for security in uniformity, and are falling short, also accountability for your product. In many areas I believe people focus on things that cannot change such as thing’s in the past that cannot do anything about, so I say move on!! That is people’s main problem of all nationalities. Remember the past learn from the past and move on, now it time to back up your mission statement and prove you are up to the challenge and scrutiny of over coming the past. I’ve learned throughout my life doing right my not be easy but when done right every one will have no choice but to just shut up and except the truth. now move forward do what you have to do to shut the critics mouths with compliments and you will succeed in proving you are a great company.

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