NEW DELHI (GaeaTimes.com) — In today’s day and age if you ask any IT Professional he will surely tell you that his data is the thing he holds most dear. So, imagine one’s frustration when he finds that all those precious data he engraved in his sacred flash memory rendered useless because the flash failed of old age. Transcend aims to eliminate this issue with its new series of industrial grade Compact Flash cards. Transcends exclusive Flash Life Guard software aims to notify users as the card reaches its end of life cycle.

The new line of cards have been engineered for stronger ECC and global static rank. The flash based storage has appropriate features like excellent temperature flexibility, shock and vibration resistance, and low power consumption. The devices may be used with standard PCMCIA-ATA equipped devices, such as industrial PCs, embedded systems, medical instruments, factory automation systems, network infrastructures and other industrial applications. Regional Head of Transcend, South Asia in a statement explains

While most flash cards have to risk the possibility that their cells (bits) will eventually lose the ability to function due to flash memory’s limited write/erase lifetime, Transcend’s advanced CF200I CF cards provide industrial users peace of mind with the addition of its new Flash Life Guard software. Once enabled, this endurance-monitoring tool automatically monitors the flash cells in the card and reports when the safety threshold for write/erase cycles is reached. With this information, users can manage stored data more efficiently, and avoid the possible risk of unrecoverable data loss.

The new cards promises to reduce read/write errors by the StaticDataRefresh technology wherein the card will monitor the error bit levels during each individual operations. Another standout feature of this card is the cards capability to move static data to a fresh block of memory if the current one is deemed unsuitable for storing the data. The Transcend CF200I would be made available in various sizes to suite the customers needs and pockets. The data transfer will be very fast clocking at about 35-40 Mbps without any perceivable threats to stability.

Warranty: 2 years

  • 128MB Rs 880
  • 256MB Rs 1000
  • 512MB Rs 1100
  • 1GB Rs 1500
  • 2GB Rs 2350
  • 4GB Rs 4100
  • 8GB Rs 7500
  • 16GB Rs 14300

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For more information visit www.transcend.co.in