Ultrasone Edition 10 headphone Sounds Expensive

By Soumitra Mondal, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If you are really happy enough to have an ordinary headphone then you are probably not the kind of person who really need the new Ultrasone Edition 10 luxury headphone, but if you are not the one then you have something to celebrate. The Germany based company have added another feather after releasing this super luxurious headphone to its 17 year old market reputation. Have you ever heard of ruthenium? Don’t be shy if you are not, its just the glossy external plate, used in this luxurious headphone. In addition to its luxury the ear pads are made with Ethiopian sheep leather and the ear cup inlays were made of Zebrano wood. Titanium-plated 40mm drivers, silver-plated copper & aramid wires with 99.99 percent purity and kevlar-coated cables only add some technicalities to its luxury.

Now comes the most important part: outcome. If you think that it will be foolishness to invest huge bucks over only the luxuries then you are no wise man. Ultrasone have balanced both luxury and purity with fascinating sound quality. The titanium-plated 40mm drivers have been specially tuned for open back headphones and have 10 percent more powerful magnet that eventually enhance sound pressure level. Instead of using artificial echo or digital sound processing Ultrasone have used S-logic technology to create three dimensional sound effect. It eventually leads listeners to wear the headphone without hurting the ear. This amazing luxurious headphone is approximately 280 gm in weight and comes with 3mtr long cord and a very beautiful hand crafted Zebrano wood stand and is housed in a wooden case. This seems that Ultrasone has packed all the luxury and technology in their 2010 edition headphone to justify their price of $2750.

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