Verizon HTC Droid Eris Review

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Monday, November 9, 2009

droid-erisAlongwith Motorola Droid, Verizon has also given you the option to go with another Android Device, the HTC Droid Eris which is the low cost alternative to Moto Droid, at about half the price of $99 after rebate with two year contract. Though both the phones are launched on the same day, and Eris indicates the Greek goddess of discord, there is hardly any conflict between these two. At the core it is slightly improved version of HTC Hero from Sprint and its quick specs include 5MP Camera, WiFi, good resolution screen and decent multimedia capability. But does this beautiful phone have any deal breaking con? We have made a review to find the answer.



The phone, as stated above, is an evolved version of HTC Hero. The design is straight and simple Black Slab type and has nothing flashy in its design. But anyway the slim design has a classy look n feel when you take it out of your pocket. The toggle board layout of the Hero is removed from it and replaced with four embedded touch controls of Home, Menu, Back and Search and a pair of physical Send and End keys along with the common HTC trackball.

Touchscreen Display

The display is a standard resolution bright HVGA 320 X 480 pixels touchscreen measuring 3.2 inches diagonally. The capacitive touchscreen is very good and responsive and we have no complain against it. There are also other stuff such as ambient light sensor and built in accelerometer which does their job as expected.


The interface of the phone is not Android 2.0 but a bit older Android 1.5 but they say that the OS will be upgradable to Android 2.0. The only thing that seems missing in this older version is the Google Maps voice turn by turn direction. But however, business users will like it because of its direct calendar and contact synchronization with Microsoft Outlook.


The phone comes loaded with a 8GB micro SD card which is enough to store all of your favorite music and videos. Any audiophile would look for a standard 3.5 mm audio jack to connect their favorite headphone and hopefully, it has one at its top. The headphone output sound is also very good without any static noise. Also, the capability to see full screen YouTube videos can make this device a real advantage over the hyped iPhone which has no flash support to show YouTube videos in its Browser.

App availability

Since Apple’s App Store, it has now a must do thing to look for Apps that can be loaded to your phone. Fortunately, Android Marketplace is there to provide you with the apps you are looking for. There are thousands of independently developed apps for the phone using Android 1.5 version and some important applications are pre installed. For example, there is Adobe PDF file viewer, Stocks link to financial market information from Yahoo finance and more importantly, Peep application for Twitter and Footprints for you to capture an image, attach comments and log its location using the phone’s GPS capabilities creating a Map and share them all.


The camera has a good resolution of 5MP but we were disappointed not find any flash in it. The pictures taken with it showed good enough details and also has good low light sensitivity. There is no separate button for capture or zooming which is sometimes frustrating especially when we find them in almost every camera now-a-days.

Web Browser

With Verizon’s EV-DO Rev A network, it is more than competing technology compared to iPhone’s 3G connectivity when it comes to web browsing. The pages load fast and you don’t have to wait for pages which are optimized for mobile viewing. The non optimized pages loading time depends on the graphics contents of the page but anyway it loads before you get irritated of it. To our delight we found that Multitouch Zooming is in operation here and you can also bookmark sites and view them in an easily scrollable list or thumbnail view.

Battery Life

To say in a single word, the battery life is simply not at par with what other smartphones are currently offering. With low to moderate usage you can skip a day between charging but if you heavily use the phones features you’ll be needing to charge the phone for pretty much everyday.


  • Nice 5MP Camera with good picture quality
  • 8 GB Card included
  • Packs every feature that you want


  • Battery Life below average
  • Android 1.5 instead of 2.0 while the later is available
  • No camera button and flash
  • No File Manager


HTC is well known for producing excellent Android handsets and if you are looking to get an iPhone alternative in Verizon you can surely plunge in for the Eris if you have no problem charging the device everyday and can do without a dedicated shutter button for the camera.


July 28, 2010: 6:04 pm

This is a terrible, terrible phone. The battery life sucks, first of all. It can’t last a day with out being charged, even with a minuscule number of phone calls. That’s compared to my EnV, which has lasted a month without charging. Clicking the exact thing on the phone you want is extremely hard, and it freezes and lags quite often. It gives me a terrible time unlocking it for calls, so I miss them all the time. Also, it crashed today. I lost all my pictures, ringtones, and contacts. What a piece of junk!

November 14, 2009: 2:45 pm

I’m Brian, had a LG Dare and was due the NE2 and got the HTC Droid Eris for free (lucky me). Getting delivered today and cant wait. I’m in the military, married, 3 kids(15yold girl, 4yold boy, &1yrold girl). Was going to get the Motorola Droid but read online that HTC plans on releasing an update for the Eris, and Hero that will upgrade to the Andriod 2.0 OS which would have been my only reason get get the Motorola. I hangout at to share my tricks hope you will too.

November 13, 2009: 12:21 am

The Multi-touch works fine, and text automatically formats on web pages to fit so you don’t have to scroll from side to side..

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