Western Digital launches 3TB HDD

By Soumitra Mondal, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Western Digital, the famous name in hard drive maker has launched the largest capacity SATA hard drive available till date. The new Caviar Green HDD line includes the world’s first 3 TeraByte SATA drive. The new 5400-rpm drives uses less energy and are therefore more eco-friendly storage solution provided by WD GreenPower Technology. This will ensure lower operating temperatures for increased reliability and decreased noise without electrical amplification for quiet operation.


The 2.5 TB and 3 TB hard drives designed by WD Caviar Green can be used as secondary external storage. It can also be used as next-generation PC storage in 64-bit processing systems. Up to 750GB per platter is allowed by the use of high-areal density technology. Another interesting fact is that WD used Advanced Format technology that makes the drives write at 4,096 bytes per sector. Previously, it was 512 bytes per sector usually.

Consumers who are interested in purchasing 3TB SATA HDD storage should have Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7 as their operating system because Windows XP is not compatible with 4,096-byte per drive format. Another important thing to be noted is that HDDs used in older PCs normally can’t recognize 2.19TB because of using a master boot record (MBR) partition scheme. The GUID partition table (GPT) is used by the newer operating systems that can utilize HDDs with higher storage capacities such as the WD 3TB HDD.

Both the drives 2.5 TB and 3 TB are available now in the market. The price of the 2.5TB drive is listed at $189 and the 3TB drive is available for $239. It is quite cheap as you have to pay less than $0.08 per GB (3TB) and $0.09 per GB (2.5TB) for storage space. You are getting ample amount of storage and that too on a single drive.

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