This generation Unreal Tournament franchise developer Epic decided to make an _almost_ simultaneous release of UT3 for all 3 major platforms — PC, PS3 and the Xbox 360. It does make sense, as the two video consoles have (almost) full online support and are capable of handling great processing power. There have been numerous rumors that the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 would be inferior to the other two. The most probable reason for that was that Epic has already made the 360 a must-have with Gears of War. But guess what? Microsoft really owned itself with this one.

Thing is, the Xbox 360’s online capabilities are incredibly limited. As in, there is only Xbox Live. You have to login to that system to get content from it, and there is no other real use of online with the 360. I do understand Microsoft here though, if they made a web browser and keyboard + mouse support, who would need Windows? I sure wouldn’t.

And what’s up with the PS3? Hmm, let’s see: a full-on web browser, compatible with any keyboard, can run linux and much more. This means that the PS3 is an OPEN platform for mod-makers and mod-delivery methods. In other words, the PS3 version will own the 360 version in many ways.

One of the strengths of previous UT games on the PC was it’s mod community. And now this mod community can explore new ground wit the PlayStation 3 version of Unreal Tournament 3. It will be as easy as pie — you’ll be able to simply go to a dedicated website, download a file to your hard drive and voila — play the mod you like.

On top of that, Epic is doing a great job supporting the mod community by hosting numerous events with contests and valuable prizes for the mods. In other words, they give you all the tools to make the game what you want it to be. And that alone is an incredible achievement.

I’ve been asking that question for several years now. It would be _so_ awesome to have an Xbox 360 – vs – PS3 tournament to see who wins. Or to prove that PC gamers can be owned by console gamers. Until now Epic has been dodging that question, saying “there are technical patching difficulties bla bla yang yang”. Though after playing UT3 on the PC and the 360 it really came to me. Then I started googling for posts and/or interview and got my answer. I didn’t really notice this before, but First Person Shooters (or shooters for that matter) are always SLOWER on consoles. Not slower as in framerate, but slower in movement speed. It’s obvious that you can’t turn around with your controller as fast as with a mouse, so the whole movement thing is a bit slowed down when compared to the PC version of the game.

The same thing happened to Halo when it got ported to PC, it was helluva faster and more action paced. So this eliminated the chances of PC-vs-console play. But what about Xbox 360 vs PS3? I don’t see any reason for that not happening. Although the PS3 version will dominate with mods and nobody will be playing standard maps/modes. So here’s another reason to get a PS3. Sorry Microsoft, bad business decisions with the closed online functions.

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