23 Best 123Movies Alternatives that you must use: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for alternatives to the streamer-favorite site 123movies? If yes, then this article is perfect for you. In here, we will provide a comprehensive guide on alternative streaming websites similar to 123Movies, like ONIONPLAY, IOMOVIES YESMOVIES, SOLARMOVIES, RAINIERLAND and many more. This article will also provide detailed information about what happened to 123movies. We’ll add an FAQ section for those who still have their queries related to the 123Movies website.

What is 123movies?

123movies was a widely used streaming website back in the day as it provided its users with access to thousands of movies completely free of cost at 1080p HD quality. Despite being shut down and banned in some countries, 123Movies was still one of the most visited websites due to its low-cost services and ease-of-access features. However, a few issues forced users to look for other alternatives, and this article aims at providing them 23 best options that they can choose from without any hesitation or worries.

How to Safely Stream 123MOVIES

Given the issue of copyright infringement and illegal streaming, most countries prohibited users from accessing 123movies or similar sites. Hence, to remain safe while using these websites, we recommend that you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service alongside the streaming website; this is to ensure your online privacy remains unaffected. This way, you not only stream safely but also watch all your favorite shows without any issues.

A Comprehensive List Of Alternatives: 23 Best Options



With thousands of movies, series and shows available on ONIONPLAY for free, this website is one of the best alternatives to 123movies. You can access its services from multiple apps like iOS and Android or even the official website. This streaming site has a simple user interface that makes it easier for users to watch their favorite stuff without any complicated searching methods.



IOMOVIES is yet another free streaming website that provides access to thousands of movies and TV shows. It has a very clean interface, with its library divided into genres, countries, years etc., making it easier for the users to pick their favorite content without any hassle or inconvenience. IOMOVIES also supports HD-quality videos with no ads; this means you can watch your show without the disturbance of annoying advertisements.



YESMOVIES is another great streaming website that should be considered as a 123movies alternative. This site has a well-organized library with hundreds of movies and TV shows sorted into popular genres like action, adventure, horror etc. It comes packed with updated content every week; what’s more? It supports both SD as well as HD quality videos at absolutely no cost!



SolarMovies provides its users with an ultimate movie streaming experience for free. This one website can make all your entertainment-related dreams come true! It has thousands of movies and TV shows sorted into different languages, genres and countries; this provides great ease to its users while searching for a specific show or film. SolarMovies packs HD-quality videos with no ads whatsoever, which means you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming without any disturbance.



Rainierland is yet another excellent alternative to 123movies. It has a very simple user interface that provides access to hundreds of movies, shows and series for free. Rainierland also supports HD-quality videos; however, the catch is you will have to bear with some ads here and there as this website relies heavily on advertisements as its source of income.



CuciRca is by far one of the best 123movies alternatives available out there in the market. It has an impressive movie database with quick streaming options that provide high-quality videos at no cost! CuciRca not only provides movies, but it also offers TV series direct from the production channel; this ensures better audio and video quality than other streaming sites.



    LosMovies is yet another mainstream website for watching movies and shows instead of 123movies. As expected, LosMovie features a huge collection of films sorted into different languages, genres, countries and years. All these movies can be accessed through their website or app with streaming speeds up to 1080p HD quality; the cherry on top is you can use its services completely free of cost!



    YoMovies is perfect for those who love watching online movies, TV shows and Asian dramas. This platform has an exceptional video library that can be explored through its official website or mobile application. YoMovies comes with 1080p HD quality videos at no cost; however, it contains a few ads here and there, like other streaming sites.



    PutLocker was once among the top-most streaming websites in terms of popularity and user base; it is still one of the best alternatives to 123movies. It has a vast media library with thousands of movies and series sorted into popular languages, genres, countries etc., making it easier for users to search for their desired content without any trouble. PutLocker also provides playback speeds up to 1080p HD quality along with subtitles in multiple languages; what more can you expect from a free streaming site?



    If you’re looking for an online streaming site similar to 123movies, then M4UFree is worth a look. It has an impressive library of movies and TV shows with great video playback speed up to Full HD quality at no cost! Through its easy-to-use website or app, you can explore the vast collection sorted into genres like horror, comedy etc., and years; hence determining your desired content gets simpler.



    Ifvod hosts thousands of movies, series and shows that can be accessed through its website or iOS/Android app. It has an organized library with popular titles sorted into genres like horror, animation etc., countries and years; this reduces the hassle of finding your desired content amid a huge collection. Ifvod also supports Full HD playback quality at no cost!



    CouchTuner is one of the well-known streaming sites with thousands of movies, TV shows and series to choose from without any cost. It is an ideal choice of 123movies alternative as it provides HD quality videos with no lag whatsoever, even on a slow internet connection. CouchTuner also carries worldwide content in different genres like action, horror etc., making your movies search easier than ever!



    LetMeWatchThis undoubtedly has an extensive library of movies and tv shows available for its users at absolutely no charge. It can be accessed through its official website or mobile application; depending on your chosen language, the interface of LetMeWatchThis might vary. Moreover, this streaming site supports HD playback quality at no cost!



    If you’re looking for a 123Movies alternative without any ads and piracy-related issues, then Hulu should be considered as it is one of the most trusted sites that offer original content online. This platform has an organized library with TV shows, movies and series in various genres and countries; what’s more? Hulu offers its streaming services at an affordable cost!



    Azmovies has a huge collection of thousands of movies and tv series for free. It packs HD quality videos with minimal load time; this makes Azmovies one the best alternatives to 123movies as you can watch all your favorite content without any lag or ads messing up your streaming experience. What’s more, the library is sorted into genres and countries, making it easier for users to locate their desired content.



    HuRawatch hosts thousands of movies on its website that can be accessed through different apps or even its official website. It has a VIP section, too, with unlimited HD quality videos that you can access after taking an affordable membership; HuRawatch also offers no ads feature, which makes it stand tall among other streaming sites like 123movies.



    Vumoo is one of the most popular streaming websites with an impressive collection of movies and tv series that can be accessed through its well-designed website or mobile application. It has a decent library where you can find thousands of films in different languages; what more? Vumoo supports HD videos for 100% free!



    TheWatchSeries comes with a huge library that features thousands of movies, shows and series at absolutely no cost. It has updated content every week; what’s more? TheWatchSeries packs HD quality videos with minimal load time or ads which makes it one the best alternatives to 123movies for streaming online content.



    Afdah offers amazing free online streaming services similar to 123movies. Its library is divided into popular genres, countries and languages, making it easier for users to find their favorite content among hundreds of other films. Moreover, Afdah also offers HD-quality videos with no ads; however, there’s a catch; you might be asked to create an account or complete human verification before accessing the movie!



    ProjectFreeTV is one of the oldest streaming websites that has been providing free online services to its users since the mid-2000s. It has a massive library that offers thousands of movies and shows in different countries and languages; ProjectFreeTV also supports HD-quality videos with no advertisements whatsoever!



    Tubi TV provides access to hundreds of movies and shows completely free. It has one of the largest media libraries sorted into countless genres like horror, drama etc., so you can easily choose your favorite Title without any complications. TubiTV also supports HD playback quality without any lag or ads; this makes it a great alternative to 123movies for streaming online content.



    EinThUsan is an excellent choice for those who are looking for something similar to 123Movies but with only Asian movies and shows on the display. It has an ad-free library with hundreds of movies and series sorted into languages like Hindi, Urdu, Chinese etc., making it simpler for users to explore their desired content. Moreover, EinThUsan also packs HD-quality videos at no cost!


    Last but not least on our list is CokeAndPopcorn, which offers its streaming services without any expense. It has a very minimal interface which makes searching for movies and shows much easier.
    CokeAndPopcorn also supports HD quality videos without any ads or lag; this makes it an ideal alternative for 123movies as you can enjoy smooth streaming of Asian, Spanish and other language content at no cost!

    What happened to 123movies?

    123Movies was one the most popular streaming websites back in the day but due to its involvement in copyright infringement activities of major movie studios like Paramount Pictures, it was shut down by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The authorities seized its domains and websites with immediate effect; despite this, a copycat website named Gomovies launched in 2018 to revive 123Movies.

    123Movies FAQs

    Q1: Is 123movies illegal?
    A1: Yes, most countries prohibit the usage of websites like 123movies due to pirated streaming activities.

    Q2: Is streaming movies and shows on 123movies safe?
    A2: Streaming movies & tv shows on these sites is risky as it might expose your online privacy since the site is illegal. We recommend you use a VPN (virtual private network) service while using such websites for safer streaming.

    Q3 Is there an alternate way of watching content instead of 123movies?
    A3: Yes, this article provides the 23 best alternatives that you can use for streaming.

    Q4: Why should I look for an alternative to 123Movies?
    A4: The main reason is the risk of malware through these websites is pretty high; moreover, it’s illegal too in most countries, and hence using them involves a huge risk as your online privacy might be vulnerable to such threats.


    There are lots of alternatives available in the market that can provide access to movies, shows and series for free, like 123movies. We hope this article has provided you with the 23 best options that should be considered as a replacement for the popular streaming site. You can keep yourself safe by using either of these alternative websites in association with a VPN service; moreover, don’t forget to explore the FAQs section if asked still have questions regarding the 123Movies website!