26 Kisscartoon Alternatives In 2023[100% safe]

Introduction & Features:

Watching cartoons is one of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to spend free time, but for many, it can be difficult. That’s why websites like kisscartoon exist, offering an easy and direct way of watching all kinds of series from a range of eras. However, as entertaining as these sites are, there may arise certain issues that leave us without an easy solution. This is why it’s important to find other relatable sites with similar features as well as great animation titles; check out our list of the 25 best alternatives that you can easily find on Google today!

What Is KissCartoon?

For those just now discovering kisscartoon, this website offers users a complete library of animation titles coming from different countries and trends in order to satisfy any viewer’s needs. The design of the page incorporates direct download links for all episodes, which provides the user with a much simpler experience when finding titles, plus it provides an extensive catalog of series and movies whose original partners are licensed.

How to Safely Stream KissCartoon:

Before streaming, some simple steps must be taken in order to avoid potential scams or malware. Be sure to first use an up-to-date browser such as Chrome that already applies multiple extra layers of security, which makes spamming harder than usual. Avoid clicking on any strange links that you don’t recognize since those could contain malicious downloaders or certificates which are meant to access the user’s private information. Stay away from anything irrelevant, and remember never to use your real name when registering for an account on kisscartoon.

The Best 26 Alternatives To Kiss Cartoon:

1) AniFreak


Anifreak is a great alternative for those looking to watch cartoons in HD quality at no cost. It has a vast library of both modern and vintage anime titles, so you can be sure to find something to watch, no matter what your preference is. You can stream as many episodes as you’d like without signing up for an account. However, there are certain restrictions when it comes to downloading or streaming with other devices.

2) Chia-Anime


Featuring thousands of cartoon shows, from classic favorites to brand new, Chia-Anime is a great website for those looking to watch their favorite animated titles. The collection of movies and series can be browsed by genre or other parameters such as the language they are spoken in, helping users find exactly what they’re looking for without having to scroll an endless list of content.

3) Funimation


Funimation is a U.S.-based streaming service focused on providing a selection of both vintage and modern anime titles to its viewers. The subscription has no ads, making it much easier for users to binge-watch without becoming too bored or irritated. Additionally, the company releases dozens of new shows each season that are otherwise unavailable on other streaming services.

4) Anime Haven


Anime Haven is an older website that serves as a great source of cartoon content. Although it hasn’t updated its library as often as expected, there are still dozens of titles ranging from vintage classics to more modern-day series that can all be streamed absolutely free of charge and without limits.

5) WatchCartoonOnline


Watch Cartoons Online offers users a wide selection of animated television shows and movies at no cost. All the episodes in their collection can be watched with high-quality video streaming, which is especially convenient for those using slower connections. One of the biggest advantages that make this website unique is its ability to review each episode in every language available and provide users with a detailed synopsis, so it’s much easier to navigate across different titles.

6) Kissanime


Kissanime is another great cartoon streaming platform, which like its brother kisscartoon offers an extensive selection of animated movies and episodes from a wide range of countries and eras. One of the most important advantages this page has over its competition is that it provides subtitles for all its content in multiple languages, making it easier to consume titles without any physical restrictions.

7) AnimeUltima


What sets Anime Ultima apart from the rest is its fully functional subbed and dubbed episode viewers, allowing users to switch between both without having to open new pages or search for additional links. Additionally, it offers advanced searching parameters like genres and words so you can narrow down your selection by typing whatever cartoon show you look for in their library.

8) MasterAnime


Master Anime provides an immense amount of animated content from different parts of the world — including some classic titles you may have forgotten. The website includes a simple and intuitive design that allows new viewers to navigate across different genres easier than usual, as well as its ability to organize series in organized lists like “Most Watched” or “Recently Added.”

9) AnimeKarma


Anime Karma provides over 30 thousand different episodes, from classic anime titles to modern classics, without any kind of fee. One key advantage this page offers is that it allows users to stream for as long or a short time as desired; this helps people watch a few episodes without needing an account and having direct access without any kind of restrictions.

10) AnimeDao


AnimeDao is one of the best alternative sites to kisscartoon thanks to its massive collection of anime titles ranging in many different genres. It offers high-quality streaming with no registration needed while providing users with reliable links that don’t interfere throughout the experience of watching. Content is also regularly updated, so you can always find fresh animations to watch at any given time.

11) Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll has become one of the biggest animated content providers, aside from its native library, offering access to some exclusive titles and content only available through its service. Subscribers have full access to their extensive collection without having to purchase any additional subscription services; the only drawback is that their library tends to be smaller than kisscartoon.

12) NarutoGet


Naruto get offers unlimited access to a varied selection of classic and modern titles — with no ads or external links. The search engine also allows users to browse through different genres, making it easier for people new to this type of streaming; plus, they have an extensive list of movie suggestions that you can use to find related titles.

13) AnimeLab


Anime Lab is a great alternative for those looking for high-quality streaming since it offers full HD videos of all its content, plus modern shows available weeks after their original broadcast date. However, in order to watch any of the shows, users must sign up on the platform and register with a “full membership” scheme; this allows them access to multiple titles at no additional cost.

14) AnimeWatcher


Anime Watcher is another great streaming platform that loads quickly and provides decent subtitle support. It may not have the same library of content as kisscartoon or some other platforms offer, but it does include an extensive selection of dubbed and subbed shows — all of them in HD video quality.

15) AnimePark


Anime Park provides viewers with a modest selection of content featuring both modern and classic animated titles. The website is fast, neat, stable and works without problems at any given time plus, users don’t need an account in order to stream different episodes. All videos are streamed on the player itself, meaning you won’t need to download any programs either.

16) GoGoAnime


GoGo Anime is one of the most popular platforms for watching all kinds of animated titles. It offers series and movies in both subbed and dubbed versions with a responsive video player that remains relatively problem-free at all times. Additionally, it works quite quickly, allowing viewers to watch content without having buffering or loading issues.

17) AnimeLand


Anime Land is one of the most reliable streaming sources available on Google; it includes daily updated episodes, including movies and certain discrete seasonal titles that cannot be tracked easily. The free service offers subtitles in both English and Japanese (for some series) as well as a simple and intuitive design that allows users to find whatever they look for with relative ease.

18) 4Anime


4 Anime offers a wide selection of animation titles from different countries and eras. Its library is updated regularly, so no matter what type of content you are looking for, chances are that this website has it available for streaming. The only downside is the fact that there isn’t any type of search system, as users must scroll through each category to find their favorite cartoon.

19) 9Anime


9 Anime has become a go-to destination for millions of viewers thanks to its relatively intuitive and simple design, which helps users quickly search for whatever title they are interested in. Plus it features an extensive library featuring both classic titles and movies as well as brand-new series that were released within the past few weeks.

20) AnimePlanet


Anime Planet is another great streaming site for those looking to find classic and modern titles. It includes tons of options, each categorized by their respective genres, making it easier for viewers to browse through the page without feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, most episodes are available in HD video quality, while subtitles can be located in either English or Japanese.

21) CartoonCrazy


Cartoon Crazy offers the ability to watch numerous classic and modern titles on both PC and mobile. This service includes an extensive library, even including some episodes of a few forgotten series that can no longer be accessed on other sites. It also features a responsive player, allowing viewers to switch back between subbed/dubbed versions.

22) AnimeKisa

Anime Kisa

AnimeKisa is a great site for those looking to watch quality cartoons without any ads popping up in the middle of the episodes. It’s also one of the few streaming services that offer subtitles in multiple languages, making it much easier if you are planning on watching anime titles with someone foreign-language background.

23) JustDubs


Justdubs may not be as popular as kisscartoon but it definitely has enough content to satiate viewers. It’s an easy way of watching cartoons either in their native language or dubbing them directly into English, which can be particularly convenient if you don’t understand the original script.

24) AniLinkz


Anilinkz is one of the top alternatives to kisscartoon as it covers a shocking range of series and movies with no real fees needed in order to use its services. All the content can be streamed either in HD or standard quality and are available for download if necessary; plus users can find related episodes, so it’s easier to follow an entire series without getting lost.

25) AnimeToon


Anime Toon offers one of the biggest collections of cartoons on their page, making them a great source compared to other streaming websites. They have access to physical DVD sets so that viewers can watch certain themed series in bulk, plus they are organized under different categories like “Horror” or “Romance,” allowing users to quickly find subgenre-based episodes.

26) Masterani


Master Ani is a relatively new website whose content is regularly updated with both classic and modern cartoons. It also offers access to an extensive array of animated movies as well as its recently released series and movies. The design is quite simple, which allows users to quickly search for different titles without becoming overwhelmed.

What Happened To Kisscartoon?

Unfortunately, the service had been behind several DMCA violations in 2019; this led to its domain being shut down by those in charge of copyright regulation meaning now it’s no longer available. Despite some people still finding mirror links with access figures may be unreliable as they could potentially contain malicious software or scam viruses that have no intention of providing any type of legal service.

Kisscartoon FAQs

Q: Is kisscartoon still available?
A: Unfortunately, no; the site was shut down back in 2019 due to several copyright violations and now is no longer accessible.
Q: Are there any other streaming sites that offer animation titles?
A: Yes, our list above contains some great alternatives for those looking for animated content without having to create a paying account. All the sites feature an extensive library where viewers can find most kinds of cartoon titles.
Q: How accurate are the streaming services listed?
A: Most of the sites offer high-quality videos and subtitles in multiple languages, which means whatever title you choose to watch should appear without any problems. Additionally, all links listed on them are tested first before being uploaded, so users have access to reliable content not found anywhere else online.
Q: Is it risky for people to use these websites?
A: It depends; most of the streaming websites listed are safe to use, but there’s a chance that some episodes or movies may contain inappropriate content. The best way to avoid those is by always keeping yourself informed about the latest ratings for each series as well as staying away from suspicious domains with unknown sources.


Cartoons are one of the oldest and most cherished forms of entertainment, yet they can often be hard to find due to certain copyright laws or other restrictions. This is why websites like kisscartoon exist, providing viewers with an easy way to stream all kinds of cartoon titles directly from their computers. But as amazing as this platform is, it was shut down in 2019 due to multiple violations leaving hundreds of users without a reliable place to watch animated content online. The good news is that there are other alternatives that offer tons of different titles and improved functionality than the previously named page — some even provide exclusive series not available elsewhere. Our list contains some of the best streaming services for cartoons that can help viewers find their content with relative ease, so make sure to check them out if you need an alternative solution!