Ardunio 3D Printer

Have you ever heard about ardunio 3d printer? What type of printer is this ardunio 3d printer? What are kinds of printers that you can find in the market? Inkjet printers, laser and ribbon are probably all kinds of printers which are familiar to you. Everything is intended to print the image on paper or other media. Surely the printing results certainly on a 2-dimensional image or text. But today there is also the type of printer that is intended to print a 3-dimensional object. This type of printer is commonly used for special needs. Because it does not as familiar as the usual 2-dimensional printers that you can find easily everywhere nowadays.

If we look at the type of animation, we are certainly faced with 2 types of animation. Animated animation divided into 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions. 2 Dimensional or more commonly known as 2D, has a shape on the length and width, while the 3D has a length, width, and height. In addition to the animation world we know is also on the type of printer or printing and printing. Right now it appears that some type of printer can be a form of 3-dimensional printing, and really like the 3-dimensional models of the statue. So we can do the printing of three-dimensional forms that exist on a computer canvas into a model using this type of printing.

People who need these printers are usually those who work in the field of product designers, building designers or even manufacturing plant. And the price of the machine is quite expensive, especially for machines with high precision and speed. But this time, 3D printers are not only controlled by professionals and factory workers only, but it has started to spread to residential use. Especially for the hobbyists who are very enthusiastic with a 3-dimensional design. The price is also more affordable, which had hundreds of millions, can now be reached by several million. One of the most popular one is ardunio 3d printer. There are a few projects of making a 3D printer from hobbyists and professionals in the field of electronics and machinery. They tried to make a 3D printer at an affordable price, so that it can be used by anyone.

This can be done because of the fast-growing technology today. One of them that make this happens because of the usage of a cheaper microcontroller. 3D printing is usually used to create an object model, the object usually is widely used in the aircraft industry, Automotive, Architecture, and others. These objects may make us to see the details of a design which has been made, so we can imagine more clearly than in a 2-dimensional image design. Unfortunately the result of 3D printing is still quite expensive right now, and takes a long time to make. Thanks to the microcontroller which is less expensive, 3D printing can be made on a smaller scale at a lower cost now. One of them is created that makes it fast by using ardunio 3d printer. Electronic hardware in use on this project is using Arduino based Open Source. In this way the project could be cheaper to manufacture. And this is what inspired the creation of ardunio 3D Printer.