Install, Configure, Fix Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter

Not all of us are tech-savvy engineers or the technological nerds. The ones who are, are usually aware of anything new happening in the world when it comes to the technological advancements. The present world is riding high on that one and every day we are seeing latest developments and innovations which we don’t fully understand but we sure know that it is something marvelous.

One such invention is the Microsoft Tunneling Adapter. The term is enough to confuse anyone that doesn’t really know how it works or what in the world is it? The users may find it very hard to decode its working, so our advice to them is, try to understand IPv4 and IPv6 first. This is the first step in the overall understanding of the Tunneling Adapter. Internet Protocol version 4 or IPv4 for short, gives your computer or the laptop, a unique address which helps the system in connecting to the internet. This is, however, the most basic of things and there are chances that most of you already understand the term.

Internet Protocol version 6 practically performs the same functions and is just known to be the same except a few new features and the ability to add a few more devices. Now that we all well aware of what IPv4 and IPv6 are, let’s get into the details about what actually the Tunneling Adapter is and how it works. In easiest of words, we could say that TA acts as an adapter that does the job of translation. Most of the computers now work on IPv4 while others on IPv6. The language processing from one version to the other sometimes needs an interpreter. The Tunneling Adapter is that interpreter.

And now, let’s get deep into how the Tunneling Adaptor can be made ready to work on your computer. This is a step by step tutorial and you shall Google a few technical terms if you don’t understand any of them. It is less likely, however.

You need to launch the device manager. That is where all the action starts. There are many ways to launch the device manager on your system. The easiest one is typing into the run dialog box. Open the box and type hdwwiz.cpl and then click okay. After the next window opens, you need to click on the Network Adaptors button.

After that, a window will open and you need to click on the Actions tab right from the top and select the option that says “Add legacy hardware”.

Now until the addition of the hardware completes, you need to click next again and again. Once its over, you will be taken to the common hardware types, select it. You may need to then keep scrolling down until you find the button that says Network Adaptors, select it and click the next button. Upon the selection, Add hardware button will pop up.

The step 3 is the last step and will take you directly to the page where you just need to add the adaptor. From the manufacturer tab that will be opened on the next page, you need to click on Microsoft. Search for the Network Adaptor tab once again. When you find it, select the Microsoft Teredo Tunneling adaptor. Click next and next until the finish button appears. Click on the finish button in order to finish the installation process and there you are!