Discover the Best 23 VIPBOX Alternatives for Superfast and Free Sports Streaming

Are you a die-hard sports fan looking to stream live matches every day? Or have you been recently disappointed with VIPBOX’s services? Fear not! Here, we will tell you all about the top 23 alternatives to VIPBOX that offer reliable and free sports streaming. All of these are safe, and secure and load quickly for a hassle-free watching experience. So let’s dive into this guide about the best alternative sites to VIPBOX now.

What is VIPBOX?

VIPBox is a popular online live-streaming sports platform. It is free to use, with a wide variety of international football leagues in its repertoire that it sources from around the world. You can search and watch your favorite teams or competitions at any time you like directly on your device or laptop. Use their filtering system to narrow down options and get an even better experience out of VIPBOX as well.

How To Safely Stream VIP BOX

To stay safe while using this platform, we suggest you use a reliable VPN. This will keep your browsing and streaming activity secure as well as protected from any prying eyes. It is also recommended to have your anti-virus up to date in order to prevent data hacks and trojans from infiltrating the system.

The Best of the Best – 23 Alternatives to VIPBOX

Sports Stream:


This website offers to access to hundreds of sports streams from all over the world, ranging from soccer and cricket to rugby and basketball. Sports Stream is updated regularly with new content for users to enjoy. It also comes with a unique Kodi addon that allows you to stream teams or competitions directly into your device in HD quality.



This neat streaming website houses plenty of sporting events, including football matches, Formula 1 racing championships, college sports and much more! You can find streams in HD resolution and many more in different languages, making it a great international source for sports fans. It also has an app available on iTunes Store as well as the Google Play store.



If you are looking for free US sports streams, then SportLemon is the site for you! Featuring NFL and NHL streams, this website includes both live streaming links that allow users to watch their favorite games from anywhere in the world. You can also select the language of your choice for more convenience.


This website is well-known for its great selection of live sports streams from all over the world, including football, rugby and cricket leagues. It offers HD-quality pictures with no buffering or lags during gameplay. This site also features a section dedicated to upcoming events as well as one that lists all previous matches in case you missed them!



This powerful and reliable website is great for those who are looking for sports entertainment without the hassle of ads. Offering high-quality streaming with a fast loading time, it features some of the most popular sports from various countries like the USA, UK, France and so on. This site allows users to watch both live events as well as reruns or archived content.



As the name suggests, this platform allows users to stream NBA league matches from all over the world. It features some of the most famous games as well as a great user interface and superb streaming quality. This is a great choice for basketball fans looking to watch their favorite teams compete against each other in real time!



If you are an avid follower of sports such as football, hockey or tennis, then StopStream is just right for you! It offers a plethora of live streams for such sports that users can tune in to, with the option of choosing channels and languages as well. StopStream also has an app available on both Apple Store and Google Playstore.

First Row Sports:


As one of the oldest alternatives to VIPBox, First Row boasts some great features like HD quality streaming and multiple links that allow users to choose from various servers during games. It is especially popular for its excellent coverage of football and other international sports like F4A and NBA as well.



This streaming website features live feeds of various sporting events, such as soccer, cricket and rugby championships from all over the world in HD quality. It also houses exclusive sections dedicated to certain teams or countries (e.g., NFL section) where users can find updates on upcoming matches they wish to view.

Sports Bay:


SportsBay is a sports streaming website with an impressive and comprehensive database of live sporting content. It features everything from cricket, soccer and tennis to hockey, golf and motorsport. The site offers some amazing filters for users that make finding streams easier as well as provides HD picture quality throughout the stream.

Fox Sports:


Featuring sports scenes from Football leagues such as UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga and La Liga Santander, Fox Sports is an all-in-one streaming website for users. It also allows live sports events from other countries, like NBA and Formula 1 as well. Furthermore, the site offers multiple subscription packages to cater according to the different tastes of viewers.



This amazing website provides access to both HD-quality streams, and a great user interface with no buffering at all! This online streaming service covers major football leagues such as UEFA Champions League, Premier League and more. It also features a list of cricket matches for its worldwide users to enjoy with ease.



This streaming site is praised for its features like HD quality content, quick loading time, and a wide range of sports links from across the globe that users can watch according to their choice. Soccer Updates in the Spanish league or EPL matches are especially available here, along with several other international sports.



This brilliant website is focused on fans of American football and features a unique dashboard that allows users to keep up with their favorite teams or players from all over the world. It also offers exclusive video content as well as ESPN Insider subscriptions for those who like even more detailed analysis material on the game itself!

Sport Surge:


This site is great for those looking to live stream from anywhere in the world. Sport Surge sources stream from hundreds of different international sports, including football, basketball, hockey and more! It also offers a special feature that allows users to create their own feeds with channels or preferences they select themselves.



A general favorite amongst sports fans, CrackStreams enables access to rarer competitions such as rugby, tennis and even MMA fights! It boasts a great selection of streams as well as detailed guides and tutorials to help users figure out how to best watch events without any hassle.

NBC Sports:


This website is the go-to platform for American football fans who can browse matches from NFL (National Football League) or other championships in HD quality with no ads. The site also keeps an active list of upcoming events that you should keep track of if you are looking for specific game exhibitions.



This streaming website was launched a few years back; stream2watch delivers uninterrupted live streams without the nuisance of ads or pop-ups! It also allows users access to TV channels as well including ESPN and Sky Sports, in several languages, making it quite an attractive choice for many.



Focusing heavily on international sports, LAOLA1 is an online streaming site that broadcasts rare and unique tournaments or championships for worldwide viewership. It provides users access to Euromillions Basketball League as well as other major international football leagues such as UEFA Champions League too!



This website is excellent for those looking to watch any soccer match from the Euro Championships tournament with ease. The interface of Volokitis easy on the eyes, along with valuable referee details on the site that helps viewers understand all plays better.



This is a great alternative for those who want to stream US-based sporting events such as NFL, NBA and NHL with minimal hassle or ads! FromHot also offers HD-quality streaming during live matches, making for an overall great user experience.



A streaming website solely focusing on baseball matches, MLB66 offers great streams to those who wish to keep up with the sport more regularly. It also has a special ‘Advanced Stats’ section that allows users access to detailed analysis of teams and players during games.

Sky Sports:


As one of the most popular streaming sites for sports events, Sky Sports is praised for its extensive coverage of several championships from all around the world, including premier league soccer and many more. Its Live Sports’ section is especially helpful in finding on-field plays of your favorite teams at any given time!

What Happened to VIPBOX?

VIPBOX has had its highs and lows since its launch over a decade ago, but recently, it ceased operations – leaving its users disappointed and looking for other alternatives. It initially started as an ad-free service provider with fast loading speeds that made it an attractive option for sports fans worldwide.


Is VIPBOX gone?

Yes, sadly, VIPBOX no longer exists and is shut down.

What are some good alternatives to VIPBox?

Sports Stream, Redstream, Sportlemon, Yoursports. Stream and 720pstream are some of the best alternatives to VIPBOX for free sports streaming.

What kind of live sporting events can I watch with VIPBOX alternatives?

Every alternative to VIPBOX listed here streams a wide variety of international football leagues along with cricket, rugby and basketball from various countries like the USA, the UK and France.

Do any VPNs work best with streaming sites such as these?

NordVPN is one of the most recommended VPNs for secure and safe streaming with no buffering or connection issues.

Are the streams of any quality?

Yes, all these VIPBOX alternatives offer great HD experiences on most sports events available on their websites.


For those looking for a good alternative after VIPBox shuts down, there are plenty of reliable options to choose from that provide secure access to free sporting events worldwide. The 23 VIPBOX alternatives we have discussed above are all reliable and safe and offer HD-quality streaming with minimal interference. Be sure to compare each website when deciding what works best for you!